General information

Τhe Acropolis Museum gives families the opportunity to enjoy their visit and learn about the exhibits in a creative way through the specially designed Family Backpacks. Families can borrow the backpack of their choice from the Museum’s Information Desk by leaving an identification card. Backpacks are available on a first-in first-served basis. Alternatively, family backpacks are available in the Museum Shops. Family Backpacks are written and designed by the Acropolis Restoration Service Education Team for the Acropolis Museum.

Family Backpack "The Parthenon Sculptures"

The Acropolis Museum invites families with kids from 8 to 12 years old to discover the Parthenon Gallery with the aid of the new backpack “The Parthenon Sculptures”, which includes:

1. An educational leaflet, “The Parthenon Sculptures”, through which parents and kids get to know the Parthenon and its sculptures; the pediments, the metopes and the frieze.

2. A kids’ map of the Parthenon Gallery with a proposed route for their visit. Kids look for a specific exhibit in ten chosen spots, so that they can stick the relevant sticker onto their maps.

3. Four colored pouches with games and surprises for kids.

4. A puzzle with a color drawing of the Parthenon.

Family Backpack “Archaic Colors”

On the occasion of the exhibition program “Archaic Colors”, the Museum invites families with kids from 8 to 11 years old to discover the archaic colors through the following games:

  1. The game of discovering details in archaic statues, where color is preserved.
  2. A painting box, which contains original mineral colors and pencils for children to color the Peplos Kore.
  3. The DOMINO with some of the designs – in a variety of colors freely selected – that decorated mainly the clothing and earrings of the archaic korai.

Digital game: Visitors also have the opportunity to continue participating in the "Archaic Colors" initiative from home, through the online digital interactive game "Color the Peplos Kore". Visitors can use the brush and colors of their choice, color the statue of the Peplos Kore and finally print and save their work as many times as they wish and in several variations.

Family Backpack “In Search of the Goddess Athena”

The Acropolis Museum invites families with kids from 6 to 9 years old to search for the 12 different representations of the Goddess Athena amongst the exhibits of the permanent collection. Take a walk around the Museum and try to remember myths from the life of Athena, patron of the city and Goddess of wisdom, culture and the arts. Look for her symbols and identify some of her statues inside the Museum exhibition galleries. Watch the video.

Digital game: Together with the family backpack, the Museum launched the application “Athena, Goddess of the Acropolis”, where a choice is given from among the exhibits in the Acropolis Museum that depict the Goddess Athena.