The Acropolis and the foreign policy of Athens

Decrees for Methone in Pieria

The Athenians bestowed economic, commercial and military privileges on their ally Methone, a city strategically located on the coast of the Thermaic Gulf. On the relief, the Goddess Athena extends her hand in a handshake with a figure accompanied by a hunting dog, perhaps the Goddess Artemis. 430/29, 426/5, 424/3 BC (ΕΜ 6596)

Alliance between Athens and Corcyra (Corfu)

A decree recording the conditions of the alliance signed between Athens and Corcyra in order to face their common enemy, Sparta. On the relief, the Demos of the Athenians converses with the personification of Corcyra in the presence of the Goddess Athena. 376/5 BC (NΑΜ 1467)

Decrees for Samos

The Athenians honor and bestow privileges on their allied city of Samos, in gratitude for its loyalty and dedication at the end of the Peloponnesian War, when other allies had seceded. On the relief, the patron deities of the two cities, Athena and Hera respectively, exchange a handshake as a sign of their accord. 405/4 and 403/2 BC (Acr. 1333)