The LEGO® Acropolis model. Photography: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos

The Acropolis in LEGO® bricks and lots of fun!

Thursday, 11 December, 2014 - Monday, 31 December, 2018

Visitors have the opportunity to admire the impressive LEGO® Acropolis model that was donated to the Acropolis Museum by the University of Sydney’s Nicholson Museum, following the initiative of Michael Turner, Senior Curator at the Nicholson Museum. The model contains more than 120.000 LEGO® bricks and took about 300 hours to build by Ryan McNaught. This reconstruction of the Acropolis has already attracted more than 100.000 visitors at the Nicholson Museum. The model is located on the Museum’s second floor, in the area of the ‘Lab’ next to the restaurant. Entry to the Lab is free.