Temporary exhibition "Eleusis. The great mysteries". Statuette of Poseidon. The god of the sea is depicted in a relaxed position, resting his bended left foot on a dolphin. Roman copy of a 4th cent. BC original

The Acropolis Museum celebrates 9th birthday!

Wednesday, 20 June, 2018

On Wednesday 20 June 2018, the Acropolis Museum celebrates its opening anniversary and its nine years of operation. The exhibition areas and the restaurant will be open until midnight and entry will be free from 8pm onwards.

Gallery talks "Eleusis. The great mysteries"

On the same day, visitors will have the opportunity to walk through the temporary exhibition "Eleusis. The great mysteries" together with an archaeologist - host. During the gallery talks, they will discover the most important artifacts brought to light by the archaeological excavation in Eleusis, as well as the connection of Eleusis, Athens and the Acropolis.

Greek: 10 am,12 noon, 2 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm
English: 12:30 pm, 17:30 pm
Duration: 45 mins
Participation: For registration, please refer to the Information Desk at the Museum entrance on Wednesday 20 June 2018. Limited number of visitors per session. First-in first-served. The gallery talks are free of charge. Only the admission fee to the temporary exhibition is required (€3).

Athens Big Band concert

At 9pm, the City of Athens Big Band will perform favorite jazz songs in the Museum’s entrance courtyard.

Musical Director: Sami Amiris
Musicians: Dimitris Kollias - Alto saxophone, Andreas Mourtzoukos - Alto saxophone, Kostas Karagiannis – Tenor saxophone, Kostas Makris - Tenor saxophone, Kostas Vazouras – Baritone saxophone, Dionysis Kokolis – Trumpet I, Manos Theodosakis – Trumpet II, Vaggelis Katsarelis - Trumpet III, Yiannis Karagiannakis – Trumpet IV, Antonis Andreas – Trombone I, Yiorgos Zareas - Trombone II, Aggelos Tzamarias – Trombone III, Kostas Alexandris - Trombone IV (Bass Trombone), Kevork Charonian – Electric Guitar, Sami Amiris – Piano, Yiorgos Georgiadis  – Contrabass – electric bass, Alexandros – Drakos Ktistakis - Drums