Visitors can walk through an ancient Athenian neighbourhood composed of streets, residences, baths, workshops and tombs, incorporated in a unique way in the Acropolis Museum architecture as yet another exhibit which converses with the masterpieces of the ancient Greek civilization presented in its galleries. The archaeological excavation beneath the Museum has inspired the design of products which are available for purchase at the Museum Shops.

Leather pencil case "excavation"

Price: 22.00€ - Size: 20x4x4,5cm - Material: leather - Design by Zacharias

Vide poche "excavation"

Small size (11,5x11,5cm): Price: 20.00€ - Materila: leather - Design by Zacharias
Big size (18χ18cm): Price: 27.00€ - Material: leather - Design by Zacharias

Notebook "excavation"

Price: 17.50€ - Size: Α5 - Cover material: textile - Design by Nearchos Ntaskas

The archaeological excavation guide

Price: 12.00€
Publication: Acropolis Museum Editions/ Year of publication: 2019
Author: Stamatia Eleftheratou
ISBN: 978-618-5120-184
Size: 26x19,5x1,5 cm / Pages: 217 / Illustrations: 204
Design: Polkadot design / Printing-book binding: Pressious Arvanitidis
Languages: Greek (soon in English)

All products are available for purchase at the Acropolis Museum Shops.