Acropolis Museum Lucky Charm

Acropolis Museum Lucky Charm 2018: "Wreath of myrtle"

Inspired by an exhibit of wreath presented on a marble slab displayed in the Gallery of the Acropolis Slopes. The Archon & Head Overseer of Justice Mitrodoras was presented with a wreath of myrtle by the City of Athens in recognition of his good service.

Ceramic lucky charms 2018

Ornamental ceramics for good luck and prosperity

Ceramic objects inspired by the pomegranate that Kore 593 is holding as an offering to goddess Athena (580–570 BC) and geometric designs inspired by the ceramic vessels from the Geometric Period (9th – 8th centuries BC).

Gifts for home

Unique design objects inspired by exhibition highlights

Precise cast copies of the large owl of the Acropolis, decorative plaques of the Archaic Korai and one of the Caryatids and silver trays inspired by the palmette on the central acroterion of the Parthenon roof (447–432 BC) and the fluttering Eros.

Gifts for her

Jewelry and stoles with details of ancient inscriptions

A collection of gifts for women inspired by the inscription detailed on the Decree for the Establishment of the Sanctuary and the Altar of Athena Nike (427-424 BC) and an Athenian decree of 405/4 B.C. with which the city of Athens honors the ally of Samos island.

Gifts for him

Gifts inspired by an Attic silver tetradrachm from 400 BC

Α collection of gifts for men inspired by the "Ancient Owl" or "Athena, Goddess of the Acropolis" as they are depicted on an Attic silver tetradrachm (circa 400 BC), unearthed during the excavation at the site of the construction of the Acropolis Museum.

Gifts for babies and children

A cuddly bear & memorabilia inspired by bronze horse figurines

Baby bodysuits, silver lucky charms and ceramic horse figurines inspired by bronze horse figurines of the 8th century BC and a cuddly teddy bear wearing a t-shirt with "Acropolis Museum" written on it.