To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Acropolis Museum has produced a special, time limited series of products featuring the crane in flight, inspired by a rare softly colored depiction of the bird seen on the cornice of the first Parthenon (570 BC). For the ancient Greeks the crane symbolized intelligence, astuteness and good fortune.

Stole "cranes"

Price: 65.00€ - Size: 90χ90cm - Material: silk - Design by Elena Zournatzi


Pin "cranes"
Price: 12.00€ - Design by Kostas Dimopoulos

Necklace "cranes"
Price: 58.00€ - Design by Kostas Dimopoulos

Gifts for home

Silver tray "cranes"
Price: 82.00€ - Size: 30x12cm - Design by Kostas Dimopoulos

Mug and plate "cranes"
Mug price: 18.00€ / Plate price: 32,00€
Material: porcelain - Colors: white, blue - Design by Elena Zournatzi

Commemorative medal "cranes"

Price: 7.00€ - Diameter: 28.5mm - Casket design by A. Michelioudaki - Medal design by G. Stamatopoulos - Minted at the Hellenic Mint.

All products are available for purchase at the Acropolis Museum Shops.