The dedications on the Acropolis in classical times

Prokne and Itys

Prokne, the daughter of the King of Athens Pandion, is shown preparing to kill her young son, Itys. With this act she aims to take revenge on her husband Tereus, King of Thrace, who dishonored her sister Philomela. Sculpted and dedicated by the great sculptor Alkamenes, a pupil of Pheidias. 
Around 430 BC (Acr. 1358)

Statue of Hermes

It is believed that the God held a turtle in his hand. The lyre, the musical instrument invented by Hermes was made from the turtle shell. Second half of the 5th cent. BC (Acr. 1346)

Dedication with a representation of a trireme (Lenormant relief)

The ship Paralos with its commander and oarsmen. The Paralos was a state trireme and participated in sacred and state missions. It was named after the hero Paralos, the inventor of navigation, who is shown at top right. Late 5th cent. BC (Acr. 1339)