Organization of school visits

Teachers can choose from two different types of school visit:

1. Independent school visit 
2. Participation in the educational programs of the Acropolis Museum

Visits by school groups from abroad
Foreign schools – all-Greek and other schools located outside Greece – can make a reservation for specific educational programs only upon request and subject to availability. Please send an email communication – at least one month prior to the planned visit – to: learningattheacropolismuseum [dot] gr. The desired programs can be offered either in Greek or English, only on Fridays.

Independent school visits

For independent school visits, please telephone the Group Bookings on +30 210 9000903, from Monday to Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m or email your request on schoolbookingsattheacropolismuseum [dot] gr. School groups without a reservation risk being unable to enter the Museum.

Guided tours are not available through the Museum. The Acropolis Museum recommends that teachers accompanying students on independent school visits attend training seminars for teachers regularly organized at the Museum. Additionally, the Museum suggests the following independent school visit plans:

Museum trail ‘The Parthenon sculptures in the Acropolis Museum’

Educational programs | October - December 2019

In dialogue with the artefacts   [Εlementary School, Junior High School & High School]
The aim of this educational program is the discovery of the multifaceted importance of the Museum’s artefacts, with the help of Archaeologist-Hosts inside the Museum galleries. Read more...

A Trip through Time with the Acropolis   [Εlementary School, Junior High School & High School]
Based on the masterpieces of the Museum, students take part in a voyage through the history of the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis. Read more...

The Sculpture and Color Workshop   [Εlementary School, Junior High School & High School]
With the help of the Museum’s Archaeologist-Hosts, students will observe the sculptural masterpieces of the Archaic Acropolis Gallery and will examine, through various visual aids, their invaluable traces of color. Read more...

Statues become alive in your own creations   [Εlementary School & Junior High School]  
This is a mobile workshop centered around the Archaic Acropolis Gallery whose aim is to approach human creation in its context. Read more...

The Exhibits Through Your Own Eyes   [Εlementary School & Junior High School]     
The personal world of the students will play a leading role in a hunt of observation and inspiration among the exhibits on the first floor of the Museum. Read more...

In the garden with the Museum’s animals   [Kindergarten School, Εlementary School, Junior High School & High School]
Domesticated, wild and imaginary creatures of the animal kingdom of the ancients appear on the Museum’s artworks. Read more...

In the garden with the Museum’s plants   [Kindergarten School, Εlementary School, Junior High School & High School]
The presence of plants in ancient Greek art and myth reflects their significant, age-old place in the lives of people. Using different senses, students acquire an understanding of the plants of the garden and of objects in the Museum’s collection, such as the olive tree, the laurel, the cypress, the saffron plant, the persimmon and others. Read more...

Ancient Faces and You   [High School]
With the help of our Archaeologist-Hosts, students will become acquainted with the world and secrets of the portrait from the perspective of both the artist and the viewer. Read more...

In the Heart of the Museum   [Junior High School & High School]
An educational activity in the Archaic Acropolis Gallery that aims to familiarize students with the significance and operation of the Museum. Students will see the exhibit through their own eyes and from different angles. Read more...

Contests: Action and Spectacle   [High School]
Competition seems to play an important role in the life and art of both the ancient and the modern world. Read more...

Children, teenagers, young   [High School]
The child who is born, the boy who becomes an adolescent, the adolescent who becomes a man, the girl who gradually progresses towards wedded life. Read more...

The Parthenon Sculptures   [Εlementary School & Junior High School]
The goal of this educational program, which takes place in the Parthenon Gallery, is to encourage students to explore and interpret the Parthenon and its sculptures. Read more...

Olympian Riddles: Searching for the Ancient Gods in the Acropolis Museum   [Εlementary School]
Starting with the depiction of the Olympian Gods on the Parthenon east frieze and pediment, students will search for the ancient gods throughout the Museum galleries.  Read more...

Temples: The Houses of the Gods   [Εlementary School & Junior High School]
The houses of the gods – temples as archaeologists refer to them – fascinated people in the past and still do in the present. This program is designed to familiarize students with the particularly complex subject of ancient Greek architecture. Read more...

Training seminars for teachers

The training seminar for teachers addresses educators from all school levels and provides information on the educational programs offered by the Museum. The seminar outlines a proposed tour that teachers can follow when accompanying students during a school visit.
The seminar for teachers is held in Greek. It can also be given in English, on agreement by telephone only on +30 210 9239186, from Monday to Friday, 12 noon until 2 p.m.

Learning resources

The Acropolis Museum is exploring the development of resources to support self-guided and teacher led visits so that more students and children can benefit from programs and activities in the Museum. Visitors have the opportunity to discover the Museum exhibits through specially designed online applications, education booklets, Museum kits and brief presentations focusing on one exhibit. Families can borrow the backpack containing various games and activities that are exhibition-based and are supported by children’s exhibition labels in the Museum galleries. Discover the learning resources...

Past educational programs

Visit to the oracle of Dodona (until 31/3/2017)
How did the ancients see the future? How did the most ancient oracle of Greece operate? What form, symbols and role did Zeus, its chief god, have? What was the significance there of certain sounds and an impressive oak tree? Students will search for remarkable details among the splendid exhibits from the temple of Zeus at Dodona and discover unexpected moments in the lives of people. Read more.

A journey to Samothrace (September - December 2015)
Samothrace' s ancient gods, myths, sanctuaries and people arrived at the Acropolis Museum. Students will visit the past of this mysterious island, from one edge to the other and they will discover its landscapes, its soundscapes and its ancient people. Read more.

Sparkling stories about fire (11/10 - 14/11/2012)
The Acropolis Museum selects exhibits and organizes narrations for adults and children about fire in everyday life, myth, religion and philosophy. Read more.