Cast copy The large owl of the Acropolis
Production of the Acropolis Museum © acropolis museum

This is a precise cast copy of the large marble owl of the early 5th cent. BC (Acr. 1347) now exhibited at the Museum entrance.  It was found north of the Parthenon in 1840.

Owls have large bright eyes, like the eyes of the Goddess Athena, and this is why the owl became the Goddess’ favorite bird.  It is said that an owl appeared a little before the Battle of Salamina, acting as good omen for the victory of Themistokles. This copy is an exclusive production of the Museum’s Conservation Workshop and has been crafted using materials and methods of the highest standards of quality.

Price: 20.00€ (scale of 1:20) / 40.00€ (scale of 1:10)

Decorative plaques “Caryatid and Korai”


The collection is designed exclusively for the Acropolis Museum with inspiration from the Caryatids and the Korai of the Acropolis of Athens. Each design object is made of plexiglass and has two sides picturing both sides of the original statue.

*The Caryatids were marble statues of young women that supported the south porch of the Erechtheion as substitutes for columns. You can see the originals on the 1st floor, in the balcony of the Caryatids. The Korai are a group of female marble statues discovered in the last quarter of the 19th century all of the same typology. They were dedicated to the goddess Athena on the Acropolis by wealthy Athenians. Dressed with colorful garments and impressive jewelry they embodied the ideal of a young girl of the archaic period. You can see the originals on the 1st floor in the Archaic Acropolis Gallery.

Plaque “Caryatid”: Price 49.50€ - Design inspired by a Caryatid of the Erechtheion  (420-415 BC)
Plaque “Kore 670”: Price 28.50€ - Design inspired by Kore 670 (520-510 BC)
Plaque “Kore 679”: Price 28.50€ - Design inspired by Kore 679 (around 530 BC), known as the “Peplos Kore” from the garment she is wearing, the peplos. It has been suggested that represents the goddess Artemis and was originally holding a bow and arrows in her hands.
Plaque “Kore 682”: Price 38.50€ - Design inspired by Kore 682, the largest in size Kore of the Acropolis (around 520 BC)
Plaque “Kore 683”: Price 26.00€ - Design inspired by Kore 683, known as “the Kore with red shoes” (around 510 BC )
Plaque “Kore 685”: Price 28.50€ - Design inspired by Kore 685 (500-490 BC)


Silver tray “Palmette”

Decorative motif inspired by the palmette on the central acroterion of the Parthenon roof (447–432 BC). This exhibit can be found on the 3rd floor of the Museum in the Parthenon Gallery.

Price: 68.00€ (size: 20cm) / 87.00€ (size: 25cm)
Design by: Costas Dimopoulos

Silver tray “Eros”

Inspired by a scene from a vessel of the late 5th century BC from the Sanctuary of Nymph, which was located on the south of the Acropolis.  Eros flutters between the two young women that are presenting the bride with parcels of presents during the preparations for the wedding.

Price: 68.00€ (size: 20cm) / 87.00€ (size: 25cm)
Design by: Costas Dimopoulos

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