Samothrace' s ancient gods, myths, sanctuaries and people arrived at the Acropolis Museum. Students will visit the past of this mysterious island, from one edge to the other and they will discover its landscapes, its soundscapes and its ancient people.

Premise of the activity and supporting material

The exhibits of the Museum’s temporary exhibition 'Samothrace. The mysteries of the Great Gods' form the basis of this program. During the activity, the Museum provides the following supporting material:

  • scale models
  • projections

The program takes place on the ground floor and the temporary exhibitions gallery and it is held by the Archaeologist - Hosts.

With their participation in the program, students will have the opportunity to:

  •     become acquainted with concepts such as: ‘sanctuary’, ‘mysteries’, ‘ritual’, ‘dedication’, ‘environment’, ‘society’, ‘museum’, ‘exhibition’
  •     familiarize themselves with the artefacts and the Museum environment
  •     come in contact with human activity in a specific geographical area and understand the relationship between man and environment
  •     realize the importance of material culture and the value in studying it
  •     recognize the significance of the past and the changes in time
  •     enhance their senses
  •     develop a critical eye, critical thinking, imagination, focus and memory
  •     cultivate an aesthetic awareness
  •     gain new interests and experiences
  •     increase their self-discipline and self-discovery
  •     entertain themselves