The Korai of the Acropolis

The Peplos Kore

Leading work of an Attic workshop. She owes her name to the garment she wears, a type of peplos. It is possible that the statue does not represent a Kore, but the Goddess Artemis with arrows and a bow in her hands.
Around 530 BC. Marble from Paros (Acr. 679)

The Antenor Kore

The largest Kore on the Acropolis, the work of the great sculptor Antenor. The inscription reads: Nearchos, the potter (?), dedicated the statue to Athena as aparche (from his first earnings). It was made by Antenor, son of Eumares. 525-500 BC. Marble from Paros (statue) and Penteli (base) (Acr. 681)

The Euthydikos Kore

Lacking the smile of earlier Korai, she has entered the period of the so-called Severe Style. The base preserves the inscription: Euthydikos, son of Thaliarchos, dedicated (the statue). Around 480 BC. Marble from Paros (statue, Acr. 686) and Penteli (base, Acr. 609)

The Kore with the almond-shaped eyes

Slender and expressive, one of the most beautiful Korai on the Acropolis. Around 500 BC. Marble from Paros (Acr. 674)