Starting with the depiction of the Olympian Gods on the Parthenon east frieze and pediment, students will search for the ancient gods throughout the Museum galleries. The aim of this educational program is to acquaint students with the symbols and special qualities of each god. Through this exploratory game and with Iris – the messenger of the gods – as a guide, students have the opportunity to journey through the Museum galleries and seek depictions of the gods in various exhibits from the collection. This program is paired with a special workshop titled “Create your own Olympian God”, held at the Educational Centre.

Premise of the activity and supporting material

This activity is based on the Parthenon sculpture inside the Acropolis Museum. During the activity, the Museum provides the following supporting material:

  • visual material – photographs – posters – cards
  • Museum labels
  • model of the Parthenon
  • craft materials

Activity and School Program

The program promotes an interactive learning experience both on its own and when combined with a school program. This program is carried out in collaboration with the Education Department of the Acropolis Restoration Service.

With their participation in the program, students will have the opportunity to:

  • recall the myths and symbols that belong to each Olympian God as well as recognize them in the exhibits
  • familiarize themselves with the exhibits and the Museum galleries
  • discover ancient art and culture in an original way
  • develop a critical eye
  • cultivate an aesthetic awareness
  • develop a sense of teamwork
  • deepen their imagination and creativity
  • entertain themselves