The goal of this educational program, which takes place in the Parthenon Gallery, is to encourage students to explore and interpret the Parthenon and its sculptures. With the aid of models and casts of the Acropolis, students will better understand the topography and history of the Sacred Rock and recreate, with their imagination, this important sanctuary where Athenians worshipped their goddess protector. Students will become acquainted with the architecture of the Parthenon – the largest temple of the Acropolis – and explore the subjects of the sculptures that adorned it.
In addition, understanding of the sculptures will be encouraged by a game where the west frieze is reconstructed, and the students can examine the sculptures' details with the help of specially designed casts. Finally, students will be able to participate in a special craft workshop focusing on the sculptures of the Parthenon.

Premise of the activity and supporting material

  • models of the Acropolis Rock and its monuments
  • plaster casts (scale 1:20) of the west frieze blocks
  • Museum labels
  • special screens with 3D projections of the fragments
  • craft materials
  • educational handout “The Parthenon Sculptures” (special price of 2 Euros for each student)

Activity and School Program

The program promotes an interactive learning experience both on its own and when combined with a school program. This program is carried out in collaboration with the Education Department of the Acropolis Restoration Service.

With their participation in the program, students will have the opportunity to:

  • understand the history, architecture and sculptural decoration of the Parthenon
  • familiarize themselves with the exhibits and the museum galleries
  • discover ancient art and culture in an original way
  • develop a critical eye
  • cultivate an aesthetic awareness
  • develop a sense of teamwork
  • enhance their imagination and creativity
  • entertain themselves