The sanctuary of Asclepios

Dedication to Asclepios

Asclepios in a temple, with his wife Hepione and their daughter Hygieia, receive the dedications of worshippers. A young slave at the beginning of the procession leads a pig to sacrifice. Mid 4th cent. BC (NAM 1377)

Dedication to Asclepios

Asclepios, the Goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone receive a group of famous doctors, whose names are inscribed on the wreaths. 350-300 BC (NΑΜ 1332)

Base of a dedication

On the relief are presented a case with surgical tools and bowls for cupping (sikyai). Around 320 BC (NAM 1378)

Pillar with an offering to Asclepios

Marble part of a human face, placed in a niche of a pillar meant to receive dedications. It was dedicated by Praxias after his wife’s eyes were cured. 350-300 BC (NΑΜ 15244)