The smaller buildings of the archaic Acropolis

The Hydra pediment

Herakles overpowers the Hydra, the legendary monster with nine snake heads. The hero is assisted by his nephew Iolaos who awaits him on the chariot. The crab on the left assists the Hydra. Around 570 B.C. Poros (Acr. 1)

The Olive Pediment

The pediment most likely represents a ritual before a temple on the Acropolis. An olive tree is incised on its wall. 560-550 BC. Poros (Acr. 52)

Part of a terracotta gutter (sima) of a building, with painted decoration

Around 550 BC. Showcase 5, no 11 (Acr. 118)

Terracotta corner of a gutter (sima) with anthemion

Around 550 BC. Showcase 5, no. 12 (Acr. 110)