Few of the precious offerings of the Acropolis, depicting gods, heroes and mortals from the legendary and historical past of Athens, have come to light. Among them stands the statue of Prokne, daughter of King Pandion of Attica, which illustrates the dramatic moment of her decision to kill her son, Itys, in order to punish her husband. The sculpture was a work by famous artist Alkamenes. Other statues have survived in a fragmentary state, such as the statue of Io or Kallisto (the so-called Barberini Suppliant), a work by the sculptor Deinomenes from Argos.

Unique is the famous relief depicting an Athenian trireme, possibly the sacred vessel Paralos. Another exquisite work is the portrait of Alexander the Great, attributed to the sculptor Leochares or Lyssipos. In some cases, only the relief bases of bronze statues have survived, like the Atarbos base depicting youths dancing a warlike dance, the base with an apobates (armed warrior jumping from the chariot in motion) and the athlete’s base, attributed to the workshop of Lysippos.

The statue of Prokne and Itys, work by sculptor Alkamenes. 430-420 BC