On Friday 23 March 2018, the Acropolis Museum will start new gallery talks about the temporary exhibition “Eleusis. The great mysteries”. Every week, visitors have the opportunity to "travel" to ancient Eleusis and discover the connection of Eleusis, Athens and the Acropolis. Together with Museum Archaeologist-Hosts, visitors can walk through a gallery that has the form of the Eleusinian Telesterion and presents the most important artifacts brought to light by the archaeological excavation in Eleusis. Read more.

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The exhibition presents the most important artifacts brought to light by the archaeological excavation in Elefsina, such as the unique statue of the “Fleeing Persephone”, the votive relief depicting Demeter and Kore (Persephone) and ceremonial vessels, such as kernos, plemochoe and thymiaterion, as well as monuments depecting the leading figures of the great mysteries, Hierophant and Dadouchos.

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On Monday 7 August 2017, at 9 p.m., the Acropolis Museum invites its visitors to a music concert by the well-known musician and singer Manolis Mitsias and his band. Manolis Mitsias will take us on a musical journey under the August Full Moon, with favorite melodies of great Greek songwriters and composers such as Manos Hadjidakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Stavros Xarchakos, Thanos Mikroutsikos, Loukianos Kilaidonis, Christos Leontis and Dimos Moutsis. Read more.

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The exhibition which moved and charmed the public and critics alike in the US, where it was staged at the Onassis Cultural Center, New York, has now come to Greece! On the initiative of the Onassis Foundation and in collaboration with the Acropolis Museum, the unseen world of emotions in the personal, social and political life of antiquity is brought into the light in Greece's premier museum.

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The Acropolis Museum joins forces with the Onassis Foundation, an organization which has been contributing to Culture and Education for 42 years, in a rare and significant partnership. The end result is co-staging in Athens the “εmotions” exhibition, which scored such a huge success at the Onassis Cultural Center, New York.

Exhibits from the world's greatest museums tell stories of emotions in ancient Greek art through the gaze of the Acropolis Museum. As the Museum's President, Professor Dimitris Pantermalis, explains: "This is an unusual archaeological exhibition which focuses on the portrayal of the 'ethos of the soul' in 129 ancient art-works. Using surprisingly simple but powerful means, the ancient artists depicted bright emotions like desire, love, lust and shame, but also dark passions like madness, fury, revenge and heartbreak".

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