The Sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia (Brauronion)

The final gallery begins with finds from the small but important sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia on the Acropolis. Established near the Propylaia, it was essentially the city branch of the goddess’ main sanctuary, located in the present-day municipality of Vravrona, on the east coast of Attica.

The sanctuary of Artemis on the Acropolis was founded around the mid-6th century BC by the tyrant Peisistratos, who originated from Brauron. In its final form, the sanctuary consisted of a sacred enclosure in which stood a stoa with two closed wings at its ends. Traces of a temple are not preserved, although an over-life-size marble head of a cult statue of the goddess, indicates one may have existed.

Artemis Brauronia was a virgin goddess, the protectress of pregnant women approaching childbirth, women who had recently given birth and children. For this reason, women dedicated their expected baby to her; and later, if the birth was successful, also their clothing.


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