Family backpacks

Games, activities, colourful representations of museum displays designed for children... The Acropolis Museum’s borrowable Family Backpacks give you the opportunity to enjoy its exhibits in a fun and creative way. Work together, solve challenges, laugh, disagree… Discover a unique, enjoyable way to tour the Museum with your family! Pick up your backpack, containing the family game of your choice, from the Information Desk, with the deposit of an identity card, during the Museum’s regular days and hours of operation. First come, first served. The family backpacks have been created in collaboration with the Education Team of the Acropolis Restoration Service (YSMA). They are also available for purchase in the Museum's shops.


Τhe Parthenon Sculptures

Explore the Parthenon Gallery guided by your special borrowed backpack, designed for families with children from 8 to 12 years old, containing:

  1. An educational booklet "The Parthenon Sculptures", through which parents and children get to know the Parthenon and its sculptures: the pediments, the metopes and the frieze.
  2. A children's map of the Parthenon Gallery with a suggested route for visitors. At each of ten selected stops, children look for a particular exhibit and stick their corresponding sticker.
  3. Four individually coloured pouches with toys and surprises for kids.
  4. A children's puzzle with a colourful representation of the Parthenon.

Archaic Colours

Discover the rich colours of Archaic statues through 3 different games, designed for families with children from 8 to 11 years old. This family backpack, created as part of the exhibition programme Archaic Colours, includes:

  1. A "treasure hunt" game for finding the colourful details of Archaic sculptures, where their original paint is preserved.
  2. A paintbox containing actual mineral paints and corresponding coloured pencils for the children to colour in a drawing of the Peplos Kore.
  3. A DOMINO with designs inspired by the clothes and earrings of the Kore statues of the Archaic period.

In Search of the Goddess Athena

Get to know the goddess Athena and her symbols, through 3 different games designed for families with children from 6 to 9 years old. The family backpack contains:

  1. A game, "A Day at the Acropolis Museum, Searching for the Goddess Athena", which includes cards with information about the goddess, illustrations or digital images of her and suggested activities.
  2. A magnetic game, "A Day at the Acropolis Museum, Playing with the Symbols of the Goddess Athena", which helps kids to get to know Athena through her symbols.
  3. A memory game, "A Day at the Acropolis Museum, Playing with the Faces of the Goddess Athena", with scenes painted on ceramic vases.

In their search for Athena, children use a specially designed map, as well as stickers with representations of the goddess. The 12 exhibits included in the game are marked with special captions.


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