The "Lyon Kore"

Besides its uniqueness as a sculpture and its fascinating modern history, the so-called “Lyon Kore” (Aκρ. 269) stands out as a special conservation case. The isolated fragments located in Athens (legs, left shoulder and arm), which were attributed to the sculpture by Humphry Payne in 1935, were integrated with a plaster cast of a part of the statue which is in the Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon since 1810. In 2016, a study on its polychromy led to the necessity for its conservation and a new display way. The aim of the intervention was to restore the sculpture but in a distinctive way between the cast and the original fragments. In 2020 the sculpture was removed from the Archaic Acropolis Gallery and was dismantled in the Museum’s Conservation Lab. The original marble fragments were separated carefully from the historic cast and were restored anew. At the same time, a stainless-steel mount to replace the plaster plinth was designed and a new cast was created by 3D scanning and printing the original part in Lyon. After their conservation, with the use of reversible metal implants and without adhesive materials on the connection surfaces, the fragments were pieced together, as well as with the new cast.


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