2009 - 2010

"Nike of Kallimachos"

For the first time since its destruction, the Nike of Kallimachos monument (Ακρ. 690) has been restored to its original dimensions of 4.85 m high. For this purpose, an adjustable metal support and a modular structure were used, on which the 28 fragments of the Monument, which are still preserved, were placed. It represents an innovative system, designed and implemented specifically for the needs of this monument. The goals were to be able to view the fragments freely from all sides, without the use of new additions to fill the voids, which would alter the historical value of the monument’s fragmented preservation; and the reversibility of the intervention. The positioning of the fragments was based on a study by the architect Manolis Korres. Included in the intervention was the removal of material from previous operations; the consolidation of unstable areas; the filling of cracks and sealing; and the aesthetic restoration.

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