So, what did the ancient Athenians eat?

Did you know that in ancient Greece there was no chocolate? Neither sugar? Nor potatoes, tomatoes, rice, spaghetti, bananas and oranges? So, what did the ancient Athenians eat? Together we will stroll around the Museum’s galleries, observing, playing and explaining to the children the eating habits of ancient people. We will invite them to get acquainted with ordinary or strange vessels, to talk about food and favourite recipes of the ancient Athenians and learn about the benefits of a balanced diet.

The program is created and carried out by the Department of Educational Programs of the Acropolis Museum.

  Useful information
School grades 1st - 3rd grades Kindergarten & Elementary/Primary school

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

09:30 & 11:00

Duration 90 minutes
Number of participants Limited to 50 students
Reservations Foreign schools and Greek schools located abroad can make a reservation by sending an email at least one month prior to the planned visit, to [email protected]. The programs can be offered either in Greek or English.

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