Olympian riddles: Searching for the ancient gods in the Acropolis Museum

Having the goddess Iris, the messenger of the gods as their guide, students can explore various depictions of the twelve Olympian gods in the Museum’s exhibits. With the help of visual material, they are able to recognize each god through their symbols and learn about each ones favourite plants and animals. The adventure is completed in the Parthenon Gallery, where the children "meet" the gods that appear on the frieze, and watch the culminating event of the Panathenaic festival, - the handing over of the peplos to the goddess Athena.

The program is created and carried out by the Information and Education Department of the Acropolis Monuments Restoration Service.

  Useful information
School grades Kindergarten - 3rd-grade Elementary/Primary School
Days Tuesday & Thursday
Starts at 10:00
Duration 90 minutes
Number of participants Limited to 50 students
Reservations Foreign schools and Greek schools located abroad can make a reservation by sending an email at least one month prior to the planned visit, to [email protected]. The programs can be offered either in Greek or English.

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