Eleusis. The great mysteries

The Acropolis Museum launched a series of temporary exhibitions in 2015 featuring important works of the ancient world from major sites located all around Greece. The aim is to present unusual subjects of interest to its daily visitors, as well as to pique their curiosity for actually visiting the unique places presented in the exhibitions. Following the two exhibitions "Samothrace. The Mysteries of the Great Gods", and "Dodona. The Oracle of Sounds", the current exhibition concerns Eleusis, The Great Mysteries.

The exhibition presents the most important artifacts brought to light through the archaeological excavation of Eleusis, including the unique statue of “Fleeing Persephone” (about 480 BC); the votive relief depicting Demeter and Kore (Persephone) (470-450 BC); typical ritual vessels, such as the kernos, plemochoe and thymiaterion; and artistic works showing the leading figures of the great mysteries, Hierophant and Dadouchos. The exhibition also includes archaeological findings from the Eleusinion sanctuary in Athens and the Sacred Way that connected Athens to Eleusis, since the Mysteries’ religious procession began in Athens, comprised of a host of initiates and candidates for initiation, and culminated at the Telesterion in the sanctuary of Eleusis. Just outside the entrance to the exhibition, therefore, a votive relief from the area of Athens’ Eleusinion is displayed, as well as several characteristic objects from the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, located beside the Sacred Way in the area of Daphne. The exhibition gallery’s design reflects the form of the Eleusinian Telesterion, including a small-
scale version of the darkened Anaktoron, where visitors can enjoy a 15-minute video presentation featuring aerial photographs of the Sacred Way, the archaeological site of Eleusis, artistic reconstructions, models and numerous distinctive artefacts.

The exhibition has been organized by the Acropolis Museum in collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of West Attica. The exhibits come from the Eleusis Archaeological Museum and the National Archaeological Museum.




The exhibition is open during the Museum’s opening hours.


Temporary Exhibition Gallery, ground floor of the Acropolis Museum


Tickets for the exhibition can be purchased at the Museum’s ticket counter.
Price: 3 euros


Greek, English
The exhibition is accompanied by an informational leaflet illustrating the displays. Read more




Every week, visitors can travel back to ancient Eleusis, guided by the Acropolis Museum’s archaeologist-hosts. Visitors have the opportunity to navigate through an exhibition space designed in the form of the actual site’s main hall, the Telesterion; discover important artifacts related to the Eleusinian Mysteries; and explore age-old connections between Eleusis, Athens and the Acropolis. 


Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, at 1 p.m.
Every Sunday, at 11 a.m.
45 minutes
Availability for each session is limited. Please register at the Information Desk inside the Museum entrance on the day of the tour. First come, first served.
Participation cost
Free of charge. Only a ticket to the temporary exhibition is required (3 euros).

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